Cloud Stories Podcast App Advisory for Accounting Professionals | Kellie Parks By Heather Smith and Kellie Parks Kellie Parks Cloud Accounting Aficionado of Calm Waters Bookkeeping joined me and we explored App Advisory, hear about the extensive collection of process and workflow templates Kellie's built for practices, and businesses, and how she has adapted them to Asana, Pixe, ClickUp, 17 Hats, Karbon, and Jet Pack. Plus, I convinced her to bring the elephant back to drink at the Workflow Wateringhole! We touched on elements needed for building a lifestyle practice, explored the importance of creating an ideal client profile, and Kellie shared the tools she uses in her business. After completing this course, participants will be able to: - Understand how to create efficient workflows in your firm - Discuss the best strategy for defining your firm's ideal client
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