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The Modern CPA Success Show Developing Systems to Scale Your Business with David Jenyns By Jody Grunden, Jamie Nau and David Jenyns "All the business owners that I chat with, every single one of them, I don't think we'd ever had a discussion where we haven't come to the conclusion that business systems are important." - David Jenyns In this episode host Jamie Nau is joined by Jody Grunden, CEO of Summit CPA Group, and David Jenyns, author of SYSTEMology, to discuss why processes and systems play an important role in the success and growth of a business. We will learn more about what David does and how his book helps business owners create time, reduce errors, and scale profits. The finer details of this episode: Why business systems are important - How SYSTEMology is different from process improvement practices - What business owners should do to get started - Key practices to adopt for better business systems - The need for a Business Systems Champion in your organization - How systems shape business cultures - The impact and change systems bring to a business - Getting your teams onboard with changes in business systems After completing this course, participants will be able to: - Apply the principles of Systemology - Explore the best ways to optimize systems - Document the processes within their business
Business Management & Organization
Credits: 01 Published: February 18, 2022

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